Story Boldly is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan organization whose mission is to tell engaging stories using journalist practices to educate the public about important chapters in history and teach others how to use digital media to share stories that matter.

Building on a history of award winning storytelling practices, Story Boldly will fulfill its mission by:

  • Producing Documentaries

  • Educational Workshops

  • Creating Curriculum

We believe the shortest distance between truth and change are good stories. The founders of Story Boldly, David Ono and Jeff MacIntyre, have boldly been telling stories for over two decades and have witnessed the power of a personal and engaging storyline. Both are multiple Emmy Award-winning storytellers, journalists, filmmakers and educators.

Tax Exempt ID: 82-2612341

Every revolution was sparked by a good story!

Jeff MacIntyre • Executive Director


The two-man producing team of David Ono and Jeff MacIntyre formed 25 years ago. David is the evening anchor on KABC-TV in Los Angeles. Jeff is a film/TV producer and also a videographer and editor. He owns the Los Angeles-based production company, Content Media Group. Together, Jeff and David have co-produced one-of-a-kind stories from all over the world.

They have journeyed deep into the Central American jungle to interact with primitive natives, reported from historic natural disasters in Haiti and Japan, traveled to Vietnam for the exclusive, untold story of how the Napalm Girl photo changed the world and traveled through battlegrounds in Germany, France, and Italy chronicling the amazing legacy of the Japanese American soldier of World War Two. Together, they have won 10 coveted Edward R. Murrow awards and over 40 Emmy Awards.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, more storytellers are needed. It doesn’t take much to change a life, get in touch today and start making a difference.